Health Benefits of Ajwain consumption

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Ajwain is very commonly used in Indian cooking. It has very good digestion benefits. In addition:-

  • Ajwain is packed with thymol; it has the highest amount of thymol. Thymol helps release gastric juices stomach which helps foods digestion. Thus it cures indigestion, flatulence, nausea and colick pain in babies.
    How to use it: Boil a teaspoon of the seeds in a cup of water till it is reduced to half, strain and drink this water for instant relief.

  • In pregnancy or till baby-feeding milk, women who consume it have high anti-inflammatory effect, improves digestion keeping away indigestion.

  • The thymol, present in ajwain makes it a great local anaesthetic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and relieves congestion due to formation of phlegm. Crush a few seeds of ajwain, mix it with jaggery and eat the mixture like a toffee. Another quick method is to tie it in a soft cloth and heat the packet on a warm a hot plate. Apply this warm packet over the chest to relieve congestion immediately.

  • It has anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties, therefore it is a good for getting rid of pain due to rheumatism and arthritis. Soak aching joints in a basin of warm water with a few seeds of ajwain; or you can prepare seeds paste and apply it onto the affected area to obtain instant relief.

  • Ajwain mixed with garlic and sesame oil provides immediate relief from earache due to boils.
    For those suffering from earaches due to congestion should heat ajwain with milk. Putting a few drops of either of the above two mixtures in the ear will help relieve pain and discomfort.

  • Ajwain is a great aphrodisiac? Mixing ajwain with the seeds of tamrind, honey, ghee and milk is a great way to increase sexual vitality. Daily consumption improves vitality and libido.

  • It contains niacin and thymol along with other vitamins, therefore ajwain is very good for maintaining heart health. It has properties that improve nerve impulses and overall circulation within the heart. Have ajwain boiled in hot water on an empty stomach regularly to keep away heart diseases.

  • Hiccups. Eat a few raw ajwain seeds with a few sips of water to stop your hiccups immediately.

  • Ajwain helps digestion and relieves acidity. Its thymol helps neutralise stomach acids which helps reduce the regurgitation of acids. Mix one teaspoon of ajwain with one teaspoon of jeera (cumin) and boil them in a glass of water, it will have golden colour. Drink this whenever there is an attack of acidity for instant relief.

  • Relieves pain due to migraines: Sniffing the fumes of ajwain or applying its paste on the head helps relieve the pain due to migraines. When the seed is burned or crushed into a poultice, it releases its essential oils high in thymol content, this gives it a pain relieving effect.
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